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Sea Bass on weighing scale

Smiling customer holding freshly caught Sea Bass

Keith showing small Sea Bass to throw back in

Ben holding Sea Bass caught in Bacton Local Expert, Steve Local Expert, Keith

Welcome to fishing for beginners in Bacton, Norfolk.  It’s the site for complete novices who want to have a go at beach fishing but don’t know where to start.  Well clearly, the beach is a good place but let’s say you don’t know what to do after that!

You can of course pop to a tackle shop if you feel brave, but in our experience, not only can they be a bit daunting, but also, none of the tackle comes with any instructions.  It’s as if you’re supposed to know how to use it from birth!

Ben fishing in the North SeaFear not, our local experts, Keith, Steve and Ben can show you exactly what to do and how to do it.  After your first hour, you’ll know how to get bait onto the hook and cast it into the North Sea.  You’ll know how to tie a couple of essential knots and you’ll feel reasonably confident to have a go on your own.

We get the bait into the sea as soon as we can and then, while you wait for the fish to impale themselves on your hook, we show you a couple of very simple knots, talk through types of equipment and depending on the conditions, show you what to look for while you wait.  Hopefully, the tuition is punctuated by the odd bite and maybe even the odd fish being reeled in.

As we sip our teas and/or coffees which we provide; and there’s a decaff option on both, we can chat through the minimum equipment that you can get away with and help you decide what might suit your fishing needs.

You don’t need to buy anything for your introduction to beach fishing; we provide all that you need for that first go on the beach.  All you’ll need, possibly is a pair of wellies and some old clothes.  In case you didn’t know, fishing can be a smelly business.  For the night fishing, plan on bringing warmer clothing.

We’re happy to coach anybody old or young.  It’s never to soon to start having a laugh.

If you decide that you like the experience and want to continue on your own, we can help you to buy your own kit from local tackle shops in Cromer, North Walsham, Stalham, Sheringham and even Potter Heigham.

Fair Warning: You don’t catch fish in Bacton every time you go out! 

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