Even girls can fish!How many fish will I catch?  OK, you did see that this site is for Bacton in Norfolk, didn’t you.  Well to be absolutely fair, you don’t catch many.  As an example, what happens when the cod run begins is that we start to get young cod (called codling).  Then somebody will blab at the local tackle shop and then the trawlers will tip up at night and scrape the seabed.  Then there’s no more fish to be had for a week or so.

What if I don’t like it? Fishing with two rodsThe good news is that you’ll only have invested in a single lesson and won’t have a load of unwanted kit to get rid of.  Don’t forget that most of our clients are on vacation and treat this as part of their holiday budget.

What fish can I catch? We’ve had the following species out of the sea at Bacton: Cod, Sea Bass, Whiting, Pouting, Dogfish, Eel, Weever (poisonous), Dab, Flounder, Dover Sole

Can I keep the fish? It all depends on the size and species.  There are legal minimum sizes.  The Sea Bass in the middle picture above is just on legal minimum.  As you can see, these are significantly larger than the farmed fish you buy in the supermarket.

Do I neBen with another plate-sized Sea Bassed a Licence? Great news for beachfishers is that it’s absolutely free.

Can I choose any of you to go out with?  If by “go out with” you mean fish, yes.  Sadly, ladies, we’re all spoken for.

Will I get my hands dirty? We could beat around the bush, but the short answer is “yes”.  Bait is dirty and can be very smelly.


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