Meet the team


Steve, is Fisher by name and fisher by nature.  Born in bed at an early age, his first toy was a fishing rod and when he’s not on the beach, he runs his successful family building firm.


Keith is Bacton’s “go to” guy. A highly knowledgeable ex-Armed Forces member, he’s fished round the world and knows exactly what to do when your line ends up in a bird’s nest at your feet.  Just to prove to you that he can catch Sea Bass from Bacton beach, he’s pictured above proudly displaying a returnee.

Ben in Marigolds

Ben, is newer to the fishing game than the other guys, but none the less an expert for that.  Ridiculed by all and sundry for fishing in yellow Marigolds, at least his hands don’t smell at the end of a session.  One of Ben’s clients was a tad more successful at the Sea Bass thing and is pictured next to Keith!

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